A New Story from Tene Goodwin appears in JOYLAND

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New Short Stories from Kimbilio Fellow Amina Gautier

WHY NOT? Why shouldn’t she agree to dinner? She’s known him ever since she moved to Philadelphia for grad school. For years she saw him at the various service projects for which she volunteered. Year after year she stood beside him at the Salvation Army on Girard Avenue on Thanksgiving Day, scooping spoonfuls of stuffing, […]

A New Story by Kimbilio Fellow Tara Campbell

The Three Times Oscar Left Me I. “This is unsustainable,” he said. “I have to think of my career.” I knocked and knocked and knocked on his lid, but he wouldn’t let me in. II. “But I’ve been trying to make you miserable,” I said. “I’ve done everything: jealous pouting, baseless accusations, shit-talking behind your […]

A New Story from Kimbilio Fellow Amina Gautier

“Don’t Mention It” appears in the fall 2022 edition of BLACKBIRD.  Here’s an excerpt: What a long day. They are in bed, both tuckered out. Their daughter’s asleep in her own room and everything in the house is calm and quiet. The only sounds are the little chuffing noises his wife makes just before falling […]

From Good River Review, A “Revived” Story from Kimbilio Fellow Donald Quist

Lalita Rattapong’s New Microwave     I’m having trouble with Lalita Rattapong’s new microwave, issues with distance. Like, can the neighbors feel the universe fold in on itself whenever she reheats leftover panang? Do they hear time collide, past in present, echoes from a world older than the one they thought they knew, screeching in […]

Kimbilio Fellow Shinelle L. Espaillat’s Story is Featured @ Torch Literary Arts

BUT DID YOU DIE By Shinelle L. Espaillat Shreds of winter sliced the March morning as sunlight struggled to pierce the clouds. Mellen pushed herself to keep running up the hill, though each muscle fiber screamed and her breath came in hard, hitching explosions. Behind her, an angry rottweiler closed the distance, its owner barking […]

Kimbilio Fellow Jason Harris’ New Story in TAINT TAINT TAINT

She Finna… Jason Harris As she stands near the ledge, the wind swirls and Airyel closes her eyes, flowing into one of those instances experienced but rarely acknowledged by all living things; a face to face meetup with her maker. Of course, she is seeing it in her own way, as the divine wears whatever […]

Kimbilio Fellow Gail Upchurch Selected for the 2022 James Baldwin Literary Award

BROKEN THINGS appears in Issue #3 of Taint, Taint Taint You leave Khalil because he hates your body. Khalil hates your body because it can’t hold on to babies. He’s too nice a guy to say it outright, but every night he leaves a gulf between his body and your own, in the same bed […]