A New Story by Kimbilio Fellow Diana Veiga, Online at Apogee


The Short Stories of Diane Oliver

Guided by spirits, one overcast morning in October I picked up a copy of Right On! from the unread section of my bookshelf. A Black writing collection edited by Bradford Chambers and Rebecca Moon in 1970, it was a recent gift from a friend who knew well my weakness for African-American fiction anthologies, especially short […]

A New Story By Amina Gautier from KWELI

RERUN If we flip the channels fast enough, we can turn almost anyone Puerto Rican, blurring black and white into Boricua. When we can’t find a good show with a Puerto Rican actor, we make our own, turning the knob selector on the TV as hard and fast as we can, watching all the brown […]

The BLACK BOOKS LIVE Podcast from Kimbilio Fellow Jason Harris

Today, Black Books Live will present three of Hughes works of short fiction that were featured in “The Short Stories of Langston Hughes”, edited by Dr. Akiba Sullivan Harper, published in 1996. The stories are presented in the following order:  “Rock, Church”, “Trouble With Angels”, and “Spanish Blood,” a short story by Langston Hughes first […]

A New Short Story by Kimbilio Fellow Jeneé Skinner

How a Wolf-Woman LovesJeneé Skinner The widower’s wife wanted to die under moonlight in her natural form then be cremated before the townspeople could see the truth. The old man obliged, carrying her body toward the river and mountain. He watched her frail, sickly limbs transform one final time into their full power, skin melting, […]

A New Story From Kimbilio Fellow Brandon Taylor in THE YALE REVIEW

Colonial Conditions Brandon Taylor THE ELECTION WAS ON TUESDAY, but first, the Halloween bonfire. When Carson and Roma arrived, Roma discreetly removed her mask and said that she had to find the host, who had spent most of the late summer and fall cycling across the Mountain West. Carson knew this because the host had […]

A New Short Story from Kimbilio Fellow Lisa Braxton

Behind My Back A story by Lisa Braxton My hairdresser has been talking behind my back. She’s been doing it for years. This might sound strange, but I actually don’t mind. In fact, I welcome it. It all started years ago when I was new to town and visited a salon looking for someone to […]

From the OXFORD AMERICAN, A New Story from Kimbilio Fellow Deesha Philyaw

Dr. Sandman BY DEESHA PHILYAW Dr. B, what’s that called again?” From his hospital bed, Cody pointed his T’Challa action figure toward the monitor behind Reg. Reg laughed. “You just like to hear me say it. This time, I want you to say it with me. Ready?” Together, they enunciated each syllable in “polysomnographic monitor,” […]

A New Story by Kimbilio Fellow Tara Campbell Appears on Havehashad

IN THE CITY OF DRUNK BUTTERFLIES Tara Campbell Our flight was already erratic. You smiled, commenting on our fluttering path, admiring us as beautiful pollinators, but not as someone you would want behind the wheel of a car. So a bunch of us got together and said what the hell, let’s lean into this thing […]

A New Story by Kimbilio Fellow Amina Gautier Appears in TriQuarterly

Dismissal Amina Gautier She waits for me by the curb outside the public elementary school while other kids gather to walk home together. A lucky few get whisked away, ushered into cars far better than mine. It is after three; dismissal’s come and gone. I’m running late but on my way, almost there. This she […]