From the Latest Edition of BLACKBIRD: A New Story by Kimbilio Fellow Amina Gautier

Perish An hour after teaching her last class of the day, Laura sat in her faculty office with her door shut to block out the noise of the English department’s late afternoon bustle. By now, she should have been on her way home to her wife and daughter, but instead of packing her things, Laura […]

“American Haints,” a New Story by Kimbilio Fellow Lyndsey Ellis

Joi came out of the kiln after class one afternoon. She struck up a conversation while Danielle was glazing her handmade jug. She appeared several decades behind, with her asymmetrical hair and hoop earrings, and there was a bullet hole surrounded by dried blood on her patchwork sweater.  “Thought you’d be scared or something.” Joi […]

“Aqua Boogie,” A New Story from Kimbilio Fellow James Bernard Short Appearing on THE BLOOD ORANGE REVIEW

1981 The State Store was a squat, Soviet-style building parked on the less-heeled side of our little town. Stark and foreboding, it was the place to go if you wanted something stronger than a six pack of pissy beer or a cheap bottle of fortified wine. In all the years that I lived there, I don’t […]

Kimbilio Faculty Member Asali Solomon and Kimbilio Fellow Jamel Brinkley are 2021 O’Henry Prize Winners

Stories by Kimbilio Faculty Member Asali Solomon and Kimbilio Fellow Jamel Brinkley have been selected for the 2021 anthology. Congratulations to them for this prestigious honor.

A New Short Short Story by Kimbilio Fellow Amina Gautier in SOUTHEASTERN REVIEW

Kimbilio Fellow Amina Gautier’s “Mean to Me” was selected by Robert Olen Butler as a finalist for the 2020 World’s Best Short-Short Story Contest. Read the winning short short at the link below.

A New Story by Cole Lavalais on THE OFFING

“Branded” by Cole Lavalais on THE OFFING. Click below.

A New Story by Tara Campbell on TRAMPSET

Read “Kraken in Love” at this link:

An Interview with the Editors of LOA’s Octavia Butler KINDRED, FLEDGLING, COLLECTED STORIES

Library of America announces the release of Octavia E. Butler: Kindred, Fledgling, Collected Stories—the first volume in the projected complete works of a writer whose impact and influence on the genre can rightly be called transformative. Follow the link below for an interview with the volume’s editors,  Nisi Shawl and Gerry Canavan.

A New Short Story by Donald Quist (’16)

Memorials   he morning Ernesto died and a glittering cloud of debris and ash swallowed the neighborhood, Beth Gopin was on her way to see him. Beth had called Ernesto and asked him to meet her at Taj Tribeca. Although Beth and Ernesto enjoyed the atmosphere and well-stocked buffet, Taj Tribeca held greater significance—they could […]

A New Story by Tyrese L. Coleman (’16)

The Waynes and Johnsons: Albemarle County, Virginia, Circa 1862 and Beyond     In 1840, Claude Wayne exerted his God-given right to his property when he relieved himself inside a slave wench named Norma. The resulting child was his, hazel eyes glinting green in the sun, a mongrel if Wayne had ever seen one. Couldn’t stand […]