A New Story by Brandon Taylor (’16) @ Split Lip Magazine

Millions of Tiny Things When Hammond was very young, he had a hard time sleeping. It felt as though there were millions of tiny things crawling around beneath his skin, and the small, small spaces that separated each of these tiny things was known to him, and so it wasn’t just that there were millions […]

A Story by Akwaeke Emezi (16) @ Wasafiri

Welcome Akwaeke Emezi The light was gone, sucked back into the black wires that hung off the roof and stretched across the expressway, leaving the kitchen a study in blurs. Ogugua popped open the plastic crate of eggs and felt around for the matches, his pupils widening to inhale the grey air. It was so […]

Rion Amilcar Scott (’13) in Conversation with Roxane Gay

Deesha Philyaw (’15) in the Brevity Race Issue

Brandon Taylor (’16) on Writing the “Other”

Rion Amilcar Scott (’13) on the Recurring Characters of Edward P. Jones

When a Character Returns Edward P. Jones connected recurring characters through his short stories, providing a blueprint for one writer. From Catapult Woodrow and Rita Cunningham’s fifteen-year-old daughter Elaine left home after arguing with her father about the boys she entertained in the house while her parents were away. I turned the pages of “A […]

Gabrielle Rucker (’16) on the Sims

Laws of Another Universe In 2008, right before my senior year of high school, my parents informed my sister and me that we would be moving in a month. Earlier that year, my father had lost his small plastics plant to the automotive crisis. I was old enough to know that moving under our circumstances […]

Deesha Philyaw (’15) on Being a Yale English Major

From THE ESTABLISHMENT On The Unbearable Whiteness Of The Yale English Major On a sweltering morning in August 1989, I took an Amtrak train from my hometown in Jacksonville, Florida, to New Haven, Connecticut, to begin my freshman year at Yale. A first-generation black college student from a neighborhood where no one else I knew […]

Victor LaValle on “A Lucky Man” by Jamel Brinkley (’14)

From A PUBLIC SPACE …I tell you this longish anecdote as a way to prepare you for what I see as the magic in Jamel Brinkley’s stories. These stories deal in large-scale deceit and betrayal, there are painful things at work in this fiction, but much like the scene I described above, Jamel Brinkley regularly […]

Julia Brown (’13) Interview Andrea Lee for GULF COAST

(Note: KIMBILIO thanks Julia for her ongoing service to our community.  Since 2014, she has graciously volunteered to prepare manuscript material for our retreat.) Andrea Lee writes the kind of dazzling, lyrical prose that delights with its boldness—over three acclaimed novels, a New York Times Notable short story collection, and many essays and articles in publications […]