A New Story from Tene Goodwin appears in JOYLAND

Skettels                             THE IMAGE IS LINKED TO THE STORY!

Kimbilio Fellow Jennifer Maritza McCauley’s Playlist

Jennifer Maritza McCauley’s Playlist for Her Story Collection “When Trying to Return Home” Click on the book cover for Jennifer’s list!

“Daddies and Sons” by Kim Coleman Foote on THE RUMPUS

When he was a little boy, Jeb Coleman would pick at the scabs on his knees and elbows, imagining how his daddy would suffer before dying. The old man would often get drunk on Four Roses whiskey and start itching to punch everything in sight. Jeb took the brunt of it. His muh, too, when […]

Kimbilio Fellow Denne Michele Norris is the New Editor-in-Chief at Electric Literature

Kimbilio congratulates Denne Michele Norris on being appointed Editor-in-Chief at Electric Literature. Read more about her appointment at the Electric Lit website.

Kimbilio Fellow Jamie Moore Published a Novel Excerpt on the Jaded Ibis Press Blog

MAKE ME WHOLE: A Novel Excerpt from Kimbilio Fellow Jamie Moore

New Story from Kimbilio Fellow Brandon Taylor on JOYLAND

Kimbilio Fellow Arriel Vinson on THE OFFING

Wandeka Gayle Featured on the Black & Published Podcast

Kimbilio Fellow Wandeka Gayle Interviewed about her short story collection, Motherland and Other Stories by Nikesha Williams for the BLACK & PUBLISHED podcast.

Jason Harris (’15) on Afrofuturism, African Diaspora, Music, etc.

From Black Speculative Arts Digital Archive 1. What was the inspiration for the creation of “MotherShip: MotherVerse”? “MotherShip:MotherVerse” was conceived as part of a public Afrofuturism exhibit entitled “The MotherShip Connection.” Poet, Community Builder and Afrofuturist Olu Butterfly conceived this idea and asked me to be one of her collaborators. This was an opportunity for us to mount an […]

Rion Amilcar Scott (’13) on Sesame Street as Muse

Screening Room: Rion Amilcar Scott on Big Bird, Writing, Adulthood, and the Unfairness of Death From ELECTRIC LIT I used to joke that between apparel, toys, books and DVDs, my family was, for a time, single-handedly funding Sesame Workshop, the non-profit that produces Sesame Street. I had always been fascinated by Jim Henson’s gentle philosophical method and […]