Kimbilio Fellow Sadeqa Johnson Featured on NPR

Kimbilio Fellow Janelle Williams on the Musical Inspirations for GONE LIKE YESTERDAY

“A Plethora of Answers.” Black Music as Nourishment and Inspiration “A Plethora of Answers.” Black Music as Nourishment and Inspiration Hear Janelle read, live and online, for the Kimbilio Reading Series!

Jennifer Maritza McCauley Featured in Poets & Writers

From the March/April 2023 Issue of Poets & Writers In Jennifer Maritza McCauley’s story collection, When Trying to Return Home (Counterpoint Press, February 2023), characters search for belonging in people as well as places. Set in locations across Puerto Rico and the U.S., the stories present home as an elusive sense of kinship, love, and peace. […]

Kimbilio Fellow Jennifer Maritza Macauley Interviewed for CATAPULT

Jennifer’s collection of stories WHEN TRYING TO RETURN HOME was published this week.  From the interview: It’s wild to say this because it’s 2023, but the first story was written in 2009 in my undergraduate class at the University of Pittsburgh with Geeta Kothari. The story was “Last Saints,” which appears in the collection in […]

A New Story by Kimbilio Fellow Tara Campbell

The Three Times Oscar Left Me I. “This is unsustainable,” he said. “I have to think of my career.” I knocked and knocked and knocked on his lid, but he wouldn’t let me in. II. “But I’ve been trying to make you miserable,” I said. “I’ve done everything: jealous pouting, baseless accusations, shit-talking behind your […]

Kimbilio Fellow Jonathan Escoffery on NPR’s FRESH AIR

A New Story from Kimbilio Fellow Amina Gautier

“Don’t Mention It” appears in the fall 2022 edition of BLACKBIRD.  Here’s an excerpt: What a long day. They are in bed, both tuckered out. Their daughter’s asleep in her own room and everything in the house is calm and quiet. The only sounds are the little chuffing noises his wife makes just before falling […]

Kimbilio Fellow Deesha Philyaw’s Year in Reading…

… including Fellows Jonathan Escoffery (IF I SURVIVE YOU) and Janelle Williams (GONE LIKE YESTERDAY). Read more about both titles on the Kimbilio Author Page A Year in Reading: Deesha Philyaw I read my way through what has been a year full of big changes. My older daughter graduated college and my younger daughter graduated […]