Jennifer Maritza McCauley Featured in Poets & Writers

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From the March/April 2023 Issue of Poets & Writers

In Jennifer Maritza McCauley’s story collection, When Trying to Return Home (Counterpoint Press, February 2023), characters search for belonging in people as well as places. Set in locations across Puerto Rico and the U.S., the stories present home as an elusive sense of kinship, love, and peace. In one tale a woman leaves the convent where she was a nun and reconnects with an old crush, prompting her to reconsider what and who will guide her life. In another, a woman weighs staying in Nashville for the woman she loves or protecting her independence by moving elsewhere. McCauley’s characters, who overlap across the collection, question right and wrong, trying to turn to themselves, not others, to find their way. “I had my own spirit, not the blue-eyed man in church paintings,” says one character. “My brain was mine.”


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