Brandon Taylor (’16) on Writing the “Other”

Rion Amilcar Scott (’13) on the Recurring Characters of Edward P. Jones

When a Character Returns Edward P. Jones connected recurring characters through his short stories, providing a blueprint for one writer. From Catapult Woodrow and Rita Cunningham’s fifteen-year-old daughter Elaine left home after arguing with her father about the boys she entertained in the house while her parents were away. I turned the pages of “A […]

Jeffrey Renard Allen on the Radio in Australia

2015 and 16 Kimbilio Faculty Member Jeffrey Renard Allen Interviewed by ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

George Kevin Jordan (’15) from the Jaded Ibis Blog

THE BURDEN OF DIVERSITY Every year it was the same. The then Milwaukee Sentinel printed the pictures of all their summer interns who worked at the paper. The pictures were divided into two categories: Interns Minority Interns Each year, my picture, with the worst lighting imaginable, was displayed under the minority banner. I hated that […]

Rion Amilcar Scott (’13) in Electronic Lit

202 Checkmates by Rion Amilcar Scott (from the collection Insurrections) In my eleventh year, my father taught me defeat. I sat with my back pressed on that old, scratchy brown couch. Tom chased Jerry across the television screen and then the image dissolved into a white dot in the center. I turned to see my […]

Desiree Cooper Interviewed In Smokelong Quarterly

Angela Flournoy in The Nation

Brand Yeezy To what extent can Kanye West continue to foreground the commercial components that make his art possible before we no longer consider him an artist at all? By Angela Flournoy What could we possibly not know about Kanye West? He has rapped, tweeted, blogged, and ranted about his feelings for years. His wife’s […]

Gabrielle Rucker (’16) on the Sims

Laws of Another Universe In 2008, right before my senior year of high school, my parents informed my sister and me that we would be moving in a month. Earlier that year, my father had lost his small plastics plant to the automotive crisis. I was old enough to know that moving under our circumstances […]

Rion Amilcar Scott (’13) in Brooklyn Magazine

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Kima Jones (’14) Discusses Publicity with NPR Code Switch

Kima Jones, who owns the publicity company Jack Jones Literary Arts, says, “There needs to be more women of color in publishing, in positions of power, period. As I see other book clubs and speaking series, reading series, organizations pop up that are dedicated to writers of color, queer writers, disabled writers, other marginalized writers, […]