A New Story by Brandon Taylor (’16) @ Split Lip Magazine

Millions of Tiny Things When Hammond was very young, he had a hard time sleeping. It felt as though there were millions of tiny things crawling around beneath his skin, and the small, small spaces that separated each of these tiny things was known to him, and so it wasn’t just that there were millions […]

A Story by Akwaeke Emezi (16) @ Wasafiri

Welcome Akwaeke Emezi The light was gone, sucked back into the black wires that hung off the roof and stretched across the expressway, leaving the kitchen a study in blurs. Ogugua popped open the plastic crate of eggs and felt around for the matches, his pupils widening to inhale the grey air. It was so […]

Faculty Member Jeffrey Renard Allen in Lithub

An excerpt from HARBORS by Donald Quist ’16 (Awst Press, 2016)

The Kimbilio Blog inaugurates a new feature: Excerpts from new books by our Fellows and Faculty. From HARBORS: In October of 1994, while my mom attended a funeral, I spent time with my grandmother at the Wash Tub Laundry on Fifth Street in Hartsville. I had wanted to be outside riding bikes with my cousins […]

Rion Amilcar Scott (’13) Interviewed in Maudlin House

Kimbilio Advisor Natalie Baszile in LENNY

Down Wind When my father was fifteen he packed his clothes in a cardboard suitcase, and, over his mother’s tearful objections, caught the bus from Elton, his tiny hometown in the heart of South Louisiana’s rice country, across the border to Port Arthur, Texas, a port town at the mouth of the Gulf of Mexico. […]

Tyrese Colemen (’16) in the Brevity Race Issue

Deesha Philyaw (’15) in the Brevity Race Issue

Tope Folarin (’15) Robert Irwin and African Fiction

I DIDN’T KNOW MUCH about Robert Irwin’s work when I wandered into the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden a few weeks ago. I knew that he was a contemporary of a few other artists I admire, James Turrell among them, and that he was the first artist to win a MacArthur Genius Grant in 1984, […]

Jamie Moore (’14) is Writer of the Month at DRUNK MONKEYS

A Beating, A Prayer After they took the body of my friend away, I lost my ability to move. They’d left the twisted sheet he hung himself with, still tied to the curtain rod. The noose taunted me, its wide mouth ready to claim another black body. My father thought the Word would save us. […]