Homeless to Howard

“No matter who you are or how scared you are, as long as you ask for help there’s always someone out there who is willing to help you.”~  James Ward

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Part One

Check out these pictures of our talented Kimbilio Fellows from our first ever Kimbilio Retreat this past summer…more to come! And thanks to Amina, Renee, Desiree, and Diana for capturing these memories on film!

Happy Birthday Ava DuVernay!



On What is “Too Political:” Kiese Laymon and “You Are the Second Person”

I never thought of myself as political. I just write about my experience. But it just so happens that my experience is situated in the body of a woman, of an African, of an American, of a mother, of a sister, of a daughter, of a lover, of a yoga-obsessed organic food eating appreciator of […]

Zahir Janmohamed: Writer of Color

We’ve all been there. That moment in a writing workshop where you notice you are the only person of color…and your peers–no matter how liberal and enlightenened–want to talk about your race rather than your work. Writes award-winning journalist and human rights activist Zahir Janmohamed for Guernica Magazine’s “Race Issue:” I sat on the bean bag […]

James Baldwin On What Is Important

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jvj0rT7ZKi4?feature=player_detailpage] The legendary James Baldwin on what is important.

A wonderful TED Talk from Chimamanda Adichie

“When I began to write I wrote exactly the stories I was reading.” –Chimamanda Adichie Read her speech below and watch her powerful TED talk HERE! Chimamanda Adichie: I’m a storyteller. And I would like to tell you a few personal stories about what I like to call “the danger of the single story.” I […]

Why is Everyone Talking About Taiye Selasi?

Half Nigerian, half Ghanian, born in London, raised in Boston, now living in Rome…mentored by Toni Morrison and Salman Rushdie…it makes sense the whole world is now talking about Taiye Selasi and her debut novel released this year: Ghana Must Go. She has already been named one of Britain’s top young novelists, written for the Guardian, and […]