Kimbilio Fellow Janelle Williams on the Musical Inspirations for GONE LIKE YESTERDAY

“A Plethora of Answers.” Black Music as Nourishment and Inspiration “A Plethora of Answers.” Black Music as Nourishment and Inspiration Hear Janelle read, live and online, for the Kimbilio Reading Series!

Onyeka Nwelue on Writing in Pidgin English

On Writing in Pidgin English, and Other Colloquial Dialects | Onyeka Nwelue | Essay  

Aminatta Forna on Transcending the Trauma Narrative

THERE IS A CERTAIN KIND of person who, on being introduced, says, “What’s your story?” I like that way of opening a conversation with someone you have just met. It offers people a way of presenting themselves as they might like to be seen (which may not be the same as how others see them). But […]

Novelist Daniel Black on the Epistolary Form

Lyndsey Ellis on Janet Jackson and Finding her Voice

From CATAPULT: All I knew was that here was this woman who looked like the community I loved and interacted with. This is Memory Book a column by Lyndsey Ellis that explores nostalgia at the intersection of race, class, and culture. Read the column at this link:

Kimbilio Fellow Nancy Johnson on LITHUB

On the Valuable Writing Lessons I Learned as a Television Reporter “I’m conscious of the economy of words, never saying more than what’s necessary.” Link Below

Raven Leilani on Gaming as Literary Device

At a time in which video game references are still mostly consigned to YA and sci-fi books, Leilani has made them a central component of a literary novel.

Rion Amilcar Scott (’13) on “The Flowers”

Brian Gilmore (’14, ’15) On Balancing the Writing Life

THE BEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING from RIPEN THE PAGE LITERARY MAGAZINE I am a poet and public interest advocate (lawyer, and now clinical professor of law). Everyday, I work with words, on the page, and as poets like to say – the stage, in order to impart some truth about the lives we lead and […]