A New Story By Amina Gautier from KWELI

RERUN If we flip the channels fast enough, we can turn almost anyone Puerto Rican, blurring black and white into Boricua. When we can’t find a good show with a Puerto Rican actor, we make our own, turning the knob selector on the TV as hard and fast as we can, watching all the brown […]

Aminatta Forna on Transcending the Trauma Narrative

THERE IS A CERTAIN KIND of person who, on being introduced, says, “What’s your story?” I like that way of opening a conversation with someone you have just met. It offers people a way of presenting themselves as they might like to be seen (which may not be the same as how others see them). But […]

A New Short Story by Kimbilio Fellow Jeneé Skinner

How a Wolf-Woman LovesJeneé Skinner The widower’s wife wanted to die under moonlight in her natural form then be cremated before the townspeople could see the truth. The old man obliged, carrying her body toward the river and mountain. He watched her frail, sickly limbs transform one final time into their full power, skin melting, […]

Novelist Carolyn Ferrell on Erasure

Novelist Charles Johnson on Black Humor

Kimbilio Fellow Jeneé Skinner has an Essay in TriQuarterly

The Bones of Women I Love by Jeneé Skinner i. I tried to find a distant cousin named Carla in photographs and again in Auntie Mack’s voice and again in Ma’s wrinkles while watching TV. The last time she was found was by the police on the train tracks. Her dress was thin as sunlight […]

“Aqua Boogie,” A New Story from Kimbilio Fellow James Bernard Short Appearing on THE BLOOD ORANGE REVIEW

1981 The State Store was a squat, Soviet-style building parked on the less-heeled side of our little town. Stark and foreboding, it was the place to go if you wanted something stronger than a six pack of pissy beer or a cheap bottle of fortified wine. In all the years that I lived there, I don’t […]

A New Story By Kimbilio Fellow Tara Campell on BOURBON PENN

Read “FAIRBANKS” at this link: https://www.bourbonpenn.com/issue/23/fairbanks-by-tara-campbell.php?fbclid=IwAR3hQmMbOCCO26hewZQwqJGz6VE-WX3rgnOpsPrNuBuR6NyRhVI0CmMaXEw

Kimbilio Fellow Arriel Vinson on THE OFFING

A New Short Story by Donald Quist (’16)

Memorials   he morning Ernesto died and a glittering cloud of debris and ash swallowed the neighborhood, Beth Gopin was on her way to see him. Beth had called Ernesto and asked him to meet her at Taj Tribeca. Although Beth and Ernesto enjoyed the atmosphere and well-stocked buffet, Taj Tribeca held greater significance—they could […]