An Excerpt from Kimbilio Fellow Nana Nkweti’s WALKING ON COWRIE SHELLS

Kimbilio Fellow Nana Nkwetie’s soon-to-be published novel WALKING ON COWRIE SHELLS is excepted today on BRITTLE PAPER. Read it at the link below.

Scar On/Scar Off

Rion Amilcar Scott (’13) on “The Flowers”

A New Story by Brandon Taylor (’16) @ Split Lip Magazine

Millions of Tiny Things When Hammond was very young, he had a hard time sleeping. It felt as though there were millions of tiny things crawling around beneath his skin, and the small, small spaces that separated each of these tiny things was known to him, and so it wasn’t just that there were millions […]


WELL, IT DOES SORT OF FEEL LIKE ANOTHER WORLD OUT HERE AT THE KIMBILIO Photos and more news from the 2016 Retreat coming soon!