Jacinda Townsend Interviewed for the FIRST DRAFT Podcast

Jacinda Townsend on What It Means to Mother I

Asali Solomon Interviewed on ELECTRIC LITERATURE

Kimbilio Fellow Ijeoma Njaka writing about Kimbilio Faculty Member Martha Southgate’s THE FALL OF ROME

I have always been captivated by big, grand, absolutist words. Words that name clear edges or hard stops or lines crossed—the finite, unequivocal, forbidden, unforgivable, irrevocable. Words that evoke how something is clear or clear-cut in ways that end confusion or questions. These are words that are almost historic or classical, with cognizable wisdom, that […]

Congratulations to Kimbilio Faculty Member Danielle Evans

Danielle Evans has been named 2021 Joyce Carol Oates Prize Recipient by nonprofit the New Literary Project, which was formerly the Simpson Literary Project. Read more at this link: https://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/newsbrief/index.html?record=3226&fbclid=IwAR2BskXFk5njC53ky77QeMfK9Drif04zjOkDMyD3IM9Ie-UgYNocgPH5BYY

Congratulations to Faculty Member Natalie Baszile

Kimbilio congratulates Natalie Baszile on the publication of her anthology WE ARE EACH OTHER’S HARVEST.

The KIMBILIO Family Eagerly Awaits this New Novel by our Faculty Member Asali Solomon

We’ll share more news as the publication day approaches.

Rion Amilcar Scott (’13) on “The Flowers”

Faculty Member Ravi Howard Travels to Ernest Gaines’ Louisiana

I often travel to places I’ve read about, and I like how the remembered story unfolds as I drive, at once moving toward a destination and returning to a memory. On this particular trip, I’m rememberingErnest J. Gaines’s The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, a novel that follows the 100-year life of Miss Jane, from her […]

Faculty Member Jeffrey Renard Allen in Lithub