Jacinda Townsend Interviewed for the FIRST DRAFT Podcast

Jacinda Townsend on What It Means to Mother I

Kimbilio Faculty Member Dolen Perkins_Valdez Interviewed on NPR Weekend Edition

Ayesha Rascoe talks to Dolen Perkins-Valdez about her new novel “Take My Hand,” which fictionalizes a 1973 involuntary sterilization case, and about why she’s drawn to history as a novelist.  

An Interview with Kimbilio Fellow Donald Quist

Form should follow function. Throughout To Those Bounded, I employ a variety of tenses, structures, and points of view in service of the narrative intention. Tense is hugely important in conveying tone and emotion. For the opening, I wanted to pull the reader in with a sense of movement and urgency. The present tense does this well. […]

An Interview with Kimbilio Fellow Nancy Johnson

An Interview with Kimbilio Fellow Julie Iromuanya

A Conversation With Novelist Jabari Asim

An Interview with Novelist Nadifa Mohamed