Kimbilio Fellow Sadeqa Johnson Featured on NPR

Kimbilio Fellow Jennifer Maritza Macauley Interviewed for CATAPULT

Jennifer’s collection of stories WHEN TRYING TO RETURN HOME was published this week.  From the interview: It’s wild to say this because it’s 2023, but the first story was written in 2009 in my undergraduate class at the University of Pittsburgh with Geeta Kothari. The story was “Last Saints,” which appears in the collection in […]

Kimbilio Fellow Jonathan Escoffery on NPR’s FRESH AIR

Kimbilio Fellow LaToya Watkins Interviewed by The Millions

  Who Carries the History?: The Millions Interviews LaToya Watkins

Kimbilio Faculty Member Asali Solomon Interviews Percival Everett

It somehow seems that Percival Everett, one of the most inimitable and distinct voices in contemporary American fiction, who has been a finalist for some of the world’s most prestigious literary prizes, is still largely unknown to mainstream readers. It’s impossible to resist reading that fact into the symbolism of the publicity photo on the […]

Kimbilio Fellow Jonathan Escoffery on WBUR’s Here & Now

George Saunders: Still Evolving

Perhaps this sounds like Saunders has reached his old prophet stage and is yelling truths from a carved stone tablet, but it is not that at all. Saunders remains allergic to the polemical. In the past, sitting down to didactically write about things that angered him led to failed stories, he says. Saunders, who describes […]