Kimbilio Fellow Sheena Daree Romero on Life in Vermont

A Black Woman’s Search For Her Place in White, White Vermont   When I moved to Burlington, Vermont in 2015, I thought I knew what I was signing up for: too much snow, not enough black people, and a just-right amount of maple syrup. I decided I would try to live there for 1,000 days […]

Onyeka Nwelue on Writing in Pidgin English

On Writing in Pidgin English, and Other Colloquial Dialects | Onyeka Nwelue | Essay  

Kimbilio Fellow Rosalyn Story on the Inspiration for her New Novel SING HER NAME

How Sissieretta Jones, Celebrated Black Opera Singer, Enshrined Her Own Story

Aminatta Forna on Transcending the Trauma Narrative

THERE IS A CERTAIN KIND of person who, on being introduced, says, “What’s your story?” I like that way of opening a conversation with someone you have just met. It offers people a way of presenting themselves as they might like to be seen (which may not be the same as how others see them). But […]

Kimbilio Fellow Lindsey Ellis Has an Essay in LitHub

Kimbilio Fellow Gila Berryman on Life as an Adjunct

On the first day of class in September 2014, my undergraduate students stared at me, surprised. They were expecting an instructor who looked more conventional, more white, more male. Yet there I was, a butch-of-center Black woman, with a boyish haircut and a men’s button-down shirt, teaching their first English class at New York City […]