by Michal B. Tager from What Weekly Khaliah Williams and I meet on the Avenue in Hampden, where many young, artistic folk have moved in the past ten years, transforming a bastion of the working-class into a new artistic Mecca of Baltimore. She is early for our meeting, highly polite and very well-coiffed; we both […]

Desiree Cooper (’13, ’15) Interviewed on WDET

An Interview with Mimi Watkins (’15), the New Fiction Editor at APOGEE

Apogee Journal is excited to welcome Esmé-Michelle Watkins as our newest Fiction Editor on our editorial team. See what she has to say about being a writer and lawyer, literary justice, and the book that was so spectacular, she threw it against the wall. Apogee Journal [AJ]: Welcome to Apogee Journal! As a fiction writer […]

THIS WRITER’S ON FIRE: Kima Jones (’14) Profiled

…by Melissa Moorer on THE TOAST “Jones’ poetry often invokes a sense of intimate nostalgia — a warm thirst for a moment or a place that was, or that could have been. The verses change pace on a dime. They vibrate.” — Jairo Ramos at NPR: Code Switch. “we tested our faith in stories of […]