Jacinda Townsend Interviewed for the FIRST DRAFT Podcast

Jacinda Townsend on What It Means to Mother I

The Short Stories of Diane Oliver

Guided by spirits, one overcast morning in October I picked up a copy of Right On! from the unread section of my bookshelf. A Black writing collection edited by Bradford Chambers and Rebecca Moon in 1970, it was a recent gift from a friend who knew well my weakness for African-American fiction anthologies, especially short […]

An Interview with Kimbilio Fellow Nancy Johnson

Kimbilio Fellow Denne Michele Norris in ASF

A Conversation With Novelist Jabari Asim

A New Story by Kim Coleman Foote Appears in GMR

Link Here: https://greenmountainsreview.com/what-we-knew-the-south-c-1918/

A New Short Story from Amina Gautier

Link full story on the title below.

Asali Solomon Interviewed on ELECTRIC LITERATURE

An Interview with Maurice Carlos Ruffin on THE RUMPUS

Maurice Carlos Ruffin: We’re such a storied city, but there haven’t been many people who’ve published short stories about it on a national level, so subconsciously, I was thinking about representing the city and the different ways it manifests itself. In Jeffrey Eugenides’s Middlesex and Toni Morrison’s Sula the community is a character. In Middlesex, it’s Detroit and in Morrison’s work, […]

“Daddies and Sons” by Kim Coleman Foote on THE RUMPUS

When he was a little boy, Jeb Coleman would pick at the scabs on his knees and elbows, imagining how his daddy would suffer before dying. The old man would often get drunk on Four Roses whiskey and start itching to punch everything in sight. Jeb took the brunt of it. His muh, too, when […]