Returning Fellows Christi Cartwright (’13), Rosalyn Story (’13), and Andy Johnson (’14) will join the class of ’16 for the Annual Retreat in Taos.  We asked our vets to offer some advice to our Newbie Kimbees.

Christi Cartwright Says:

  • Accept writing friendships and kindnesses from whomever/wherever they are given. Writing is a lonely venture and kindness helps a writer to persevere.
  •  Remember every story on the page and from the mouth is a lesson (in some way) in how to be a better writer.
  • Be generous with your feedback. Try hard to help fellow writers produce their best work.  Ultimately, the helpful suggestions you extend to another writer regarding their work will end up helping you as well.

Andy Johnson Says:

  • I once met a young writer at Kimbilio in 2014. I won’t use his name, but his initials were Brian Gilmore. Brian Gilmore decided to go walk in the woods. I told him not to go. I told him bears and mountain lions think black people taste like fried chicken. I tried to help a brother out. But Brian Gilmore was hard-headed. He wouldn’t even wear the free bear repellent that comes in the Kimbilio survival kit.  Brian Gilmore got eaten by a bear.
  • Don’t be like Brian Gilmore.

Rosalyn Story Says:

  • Resist the urge to compare your work to others’. Everyone has something valuable to share, and every one of us, including the returning fellows, has an opportunity to learn. Further, I would give the first-timers the same advice I give myself – stay positive, stay flexible, and be open to change.