I Flunked It

STRAPPED WITH ALL of my feelings, I stood frozen in the doorway at the Hall, my feet rooted to the floor like a kelly weed in the field. I’d heard so much about this place, I was both scared and excited. If this was what Esther wanted from me, I wasn’t going to fight with her during revival. Maybe if I pretended to be inter- ested, she’d leave me be till I got off the Mourner’s Bench. Reverend Jefferson said Hell was a bottomless pit, and the way he talked about the Hall I believed it ran a close second.

Granny had told me to finish my chores and meet Esther down at the Hall. Her look said not to ask if I’d be able to go uptown first, or why her and Muhdea were letting me go in the first place, or any other question that I might’ve had.

“Yes, ma’am,” I said.

I acted as if she’d given me all the details. I made a note in my head to write my questions about this day that was already starting out to be abnormal on my list later, in hopes I’d get the answers one day, ‘cause Granny wasn’t in no mood to answer nothing.

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