The Annual Kimbilio Retreats is held each July on the Taos campus of Southern Methodist University.  For seven days, selected Fellows and Faculty gather in the Carson National Forest to read, write, and learn from each other.


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2014 Fellows and Faculty

2014 Fellows and Faculty

Writing is a solitary, isolating process, but the writer herself cannot grow in an environment of marginalization and doubt. Race permeates the water of American life, but Kimblio allows black writers to float above it—if only for one week a year—and bask in the light of a rigorous, loving, literary community. Kimbilio is a safe place for African American writers to ask hard questions of their art and of the cannon itself. It is a safe place to experiment and evolve, engage and argue, explore and discover. Kimbilio is as necessary as fire.

Desiree Cooper ’13

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