Forbidden Love, and a View of Jamaica Beyond the Beaches

Nicole Dennis-Benn’s debut novel, “Here Comes the Sun,” is about Margot, a young woman in Jamaica coming to terms with her sexuality and dealing with the encroachment of tourism on her village. Ms. Dennis-Benn, who left Jamaica at 17 to go to college and received her bachelor’s degree from Cornell University, discussed the book in an email interview and the effect she hopes it will have on visitors to her home country. Edited excerpts from the conversation are below.

What role do you think literature can play in teaching cultures about each other?

While writing “Here Comes the Sun,” I wanted readers to see the other side of paradise; I wanted them to see the real people behind the fantasy life advertised in commercials. Next time a reader visits any place — be it Jamaica or Thailand or India — perhaps now they might be more inclined to venture outside the gates of the resort.

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