Congratulations to 2015 Kimbilio Faculty Member Angela Flournoy

Congratulations to 2015 Kimbilio Faculty Member Angela Flournoy

Angela Flournoy wins VCU Cabell First Novelist Award for ‘The Turner House’

Angela Flournoy has won the 2016 VCU Cabell First Novelist Award, which honors an outstanding debut novel published during a calendar year. Her winning book, “The Turner House,” published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, tells the story of 13 adult siblings forced to reckon with their complex relationships and the deterioration of their east side Detroit neighborhood when their aging mother has to sell the family home.

Flournoy will receive the award Nov. 17 at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she will give a reading and participate in a roundtable discussion with VCU students and the public. The event will be held in the Cabell Library Lecture Hall (Room 303) at 7 p.m. For additional details, visit

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Advice from the Vets

Advice from the Vets

Returning Fellows Christi Cartwright (’13), Rosalyn Story (’13), and Andy Johnson (’14) will join the class of ’16 for the Annual Retreat in Taos.  We asked our vets to offer some advice to our Newbie Kimbees.

Christi Cartwright Says:

  • Accept writing friendships and kindnesses from whomever/wherever they are given. Writing is a lonely venture and kindness helps a writer to persevere.
  •  Remember every story on the page and from the mouth is a lesson (in some way) in how to be a better writer.
  • Be generous with your feedback. Try hard to help fellow writers produce their best work.  Ultimately, the helpful suggestions you extend to another writer regarding their work will end up helping you as well.

Andy Johnson Says:

  • I once met a young writer at Kimbilio in 2014. I won’t use his name, but his initials were Brian Gilmore. Brian Gilmore decided to go walk in the woods. I told him not to go. I told him bears and mountain lions think black people taste like fried chicken. I tried to help a brother out. But Brian Gilmore was hard-headed. He wouldn’t even wear the free bear repellent that comes in the Kimbilio survival kit.  Brian Gilmore got eaten by a bear.
  • Don’t be like Brian Gilmore.

Rosalyn Story Says:

  • Resist the urge to compare your work to others’. Everyone has something valuable to share, and every one of us, including the returning fellows, has an opportunity to learn. Further, I would give the first-timers the same advice I give myself – stay positive, stay flexible, and be open to change.


An Article About Kimbilio’s Summer Home

An Article About Kimbilio’s Summer Home

SMU-in-Taos campus unifies academic, larger community


Fort Burgwin wasn’t much to look at in 1973 when Southern Methodist University (SMU) took over the independent research facility that was solely focused on archaeology. But four decades later, SMU-in-Taos is a full-fledged campus. With a slew of renovations in the past two years, the campus is starting to cultivate the community feel it has long desired.

SMU-in-Taos is a multipurpose educational facility that sees a rush of energy during the summer as Dallas-bound SMU students come to Taos for one of three summer terms.

But for years, the campus didn’t have the physical layout befitting a community of learners. The old cafeteria was built in the 1970s and always served as a de facto student center for SMU students who make the summer trek from Dallas to Taos. It had the open space. It had the TV.


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